As an observer and explorer, I draw insight from my surroundings by unpacking the embedded meanings, histories, and identities of place. With a visceral approach, I explore the potentiality of material and site to create sculpture, public interventions and video performance that transform spaces into places of meaning. Stacked auto glass, salt dough bricks, welded steel, and the burial of a golden casket filled with sunflower seeds, serve as metaphors to retrace a narrative within the flux of the cityscape. 

Through an interventionist practice, I question what role artists can play while exploring issues of progress, and use art to promote awareness, dialogue and inspire action in public space. My current artistic and curated public art initiatives practice explores issues of revitalization and its effects in the dissolution of cultural identity within the built environment. As new kind of vitality are being formed, I question what other vitalities might be overlooked or driven out in the process. Realizing that my participation has already overdetermined by my subject-locations, I attempt to transcend these limitations through pure gesture and authentic connections with people within the landscape to excavate the profound stories of a place.


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