With a visceral approach towards material and site, I attempt to activate transitional spaces into places of meaning through large scale narrative sculptural installations, public art and site-specific video performance. Intersecting steel girders, abandoned tracks to gap sites in communities- become points of departure for my work as I draw insight from my surroundings to unpack the embedded meanings and identities alongside hopes of progress. The romanticized, sometimes nostalgic forms of my sculptures become platforms for fictional narratives by weaving action of form, light and material within the tensions of negative space to construct spectacles in public space.

By immersing myself in the urban environment, I have had to learn how negotiate my subjectivity and role as an artist within of each new location. Within this process, I sustain a generative practice, as a constant questioning and striving to generate work that is reactive to a specific places hidden vitalities. Fueled by the politics and poetics of place, I use symbolic materials in my works such as salt dough bricks to reconstruct buildings in ‘Between You Me and the Wall’, Gold leaf and sunflower seeds to illustrate resilience in the film “Between a Stone and a Shrine,” aluminum rubbings off building facades in ‘Nearly Captured’ or stretched colored gels across girders of an industrial ruin in ‘Spectre and Shade’, to reclaim nostalgic pasts, examine present tensions and posture futures in the flux of the cityscape. Each effort is an epic and futile public gesture, as the salt bricks weathered, aluminum was crushed, and gels blew away- returning spaces into its original state, confirming an adherence to entropy.

My current sculptural interests are a profound change from attempting to reconcile place-based issues to a return to the body, identity, fragmentation, and adaptations lending to new physicalities. I am delving back into unconventional uses of material as an avenue into the poetic and a return to the body with a gestural push to discover the inherent potentials in material and self.  I am investigating these personal narratives through large scale charcoal drawings and foundational sculpture methods of paper mache, textural surfaces and material manipulation. Represented In my most recent works, “Antalgic Gait” (Charcoal drawing and Installation) which explored the states of trauma through its contradictions between fatigue and empowerment, weight and levity. These works were created specifically for the exhibition, DIGS: Sexism in the Arts, curated by Carolyn Perrotti at Artists Image Resource (4/2017). As I transition my practice, I am in gear with the motives set forth by new material discoveries, play and inquiry as it requires the exploration of a fluid practice that builds upon itself in continual layers; blending observation and a body of techniques to consciously navigate and intervene in the physical world.

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